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We get most of our malted barley from NW sources and most of our hops are grown here in WA’s Yakima Valley. This is the place to be for great craft beer! And when the very best malt is required for our European style beers, for example, it is readily sourced from the UK, Germany and France. Only the best will do. Please check out our year round and rotating seasonal/specialty beers below:

Kommuter Kolsch (German-Style)

Our 2018 WA Brewers’ Choice Awards Gold Medal winner and Sip Northwest Magazine multi-award winning Kommuter Kolsch is a light, malty German-style ale, brewed like a lager for maximum clarity and a bright, clean, refreshing taste. Malt: German Pilsner, Vienna, Carahell, and Saurermalz. Hops: Sterling. 5% ABV.

Eagle Harbor IPA (NW Style)

Eagle Harbor is our WA Beer Award award-winning interpretation of a classic Northwest India Pale Ale (IPA). The ‘More is More!’ camp moved this noble style ever in the direction of increased alcohol and bitterness. But we’ve taken a step back, thought about what makes a great every-day IPA, and kept with our beloved Northwest IPA roots. Malt: NW Pale. Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Mosaic, Azacca and Apollo. Dryhopped and ran through many pounds of whole leaf Cascade in our hopback, Eagle Harbor has a firm hop aroma, supported by enough malt character to keep you coming back for more. 6% ABV.

Arrow Point Amber (German-Style Altbier)

Arrow Point is our WA Beer Award, multi-award winning German-style Amber Altbier. It’s darker and maltier than our Kölsch Ale and has a strong malt-forward character accented with Noble hop flavor and aroma. Malt: Pilsner, Vienna, Red-X, Blackprinz, Carared and Aromatic. Hops: Sterling. 5.5% ABV.

Battle Point Stout

A big, bold, dark, American-style Stout. Battle Point maintains a complex roastiness, with hints of caramel and chocolate, without being overly burnt or bitter. Smooth as silk and dark as night. Malts: NW Pale, ESB, Flaked Oats, Crystal, Chocolate, Cherry Smoked, Black Patent, Black Barley, and just a hint of Extra Special Malt. Hops: Apollo. 6.0% ABV.

Downrigger Double IPA

Sink to our level with this alluringly hoppy but dry Brut-style Double IPA. Brut IPA is a cutting edge, emerging beer style coming out of San Francisco. Downrigger is a big beer (8%) with a big bold taste, hitting just the right depth of flavor. It was made as dry as possible through the use of a distilling enzyme that pushes beer fermentability to 100% thereby creating a “hop champagne.” Bainbridge Brewing – proudly trolling Bainbridge Island since 2012. Malt: NW Pale and Sauermalz. Hops: Apollo, Azacca, Falconer’s Flight 7C’s and Centennial. 8% ABV.

Windfall Grapefruit IPA

This WA Beer Award winning Windfall Grapefruit IPA showcases the combination of a well balanced Northwest IPA, paired with refreshing grapefruit citrus flavor. Malt: NW Pale, Wheat, Special Aromatic and Light Crystal. Hops: Apollo, Mosaic, Cascade, Centennial, Azacca and Crystal. 6% ABV.

Mid-March: Bainier Light Lager

Bainbridge Brewing’s new experimental Sandbox Series #12 beer is Bainier Light Lager. It’s a crisp, light lager made with our local Skagit Valley Malting’s Copeland Pilsner Malt, plus flaked brown rice and Azacca and Sterling hops. Perfect for the coming warmer weather! 4.1% ABV.

Sour Bull Kelp Gose

Our experimental Sandbox Series #10 beer is Sour Bull Kelp Gose, a light, tart, and kettle-soured Gose (“Goh-zuh”) ale. Its uniquely brewed using local ingredients including Skagit Valley Wheat and Pilsner malts (50/50), plus freshly harvested Bull Kelp and Puget Sound seawater. Gose is a revived historical beer style from the area around the Gose River and Leipzig, Germany. And ours is similarly tart, salty and savory! It has a hint of sweetness from the Skagit Valley wheat malt and orange flavor from added coriander. Brewed in collaboration with the Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF), its a very unique and tasty beer with a cause! 4.4% ABV.    

Bonnie Prince Scotch Ale

Ach! Brewed for Rabbie Burns in honor of real men (and women) in skirts everywhere, Bonnie Prince is our seasonal Scotch Ale. Rich and malty, with just a hint of Highland peat smoke, it’s a perfect accompaniment to a warm winter’s haggis. 6.7% ABV.

Res Judicata 2 (Dark Barrel Aged Sour Ale)

Res Judicata 2 is our smooth dark barrel-aged sour ale, made with tart pie cherries and black currants. 6% ABV.

Winterception Light Porter

Our experimental Sandbox Series #11 beer is Winterception Porter. Its a light 4.4% Porter so you can enjoy more than one pint. We infused this beer with several herbs including Rosemary, Sage and Juniper, and also added Shitake mushrooms. Its a very refreshing dark beer! 4.4% ABV.       

Bainbridge Baltic Porter

This Northwest version of a big Baltic-style porter is dark, malty, and chocolaty, with hints of raisin and plum. We use our hybrid Kolsch ale strain and ferment it cool to add a clean smoothness. And we use Belgian dark candi sugar for extra body and sweetness. 8.3% ABV.

Rotating Beers on Nitro

For a unique flavor, try one of our craft beers on nitro, pushed with a Nitrogen / CO2 gas mix for a smooth and creamy taste. Beers on our nitro tap vary weekly. So see what’s new. On deck are two nitro beers: Nitro Stout and Nitro Pumpkin Stout. 

6th Anniversary Ale (Brut-Style Triple IPA)

To celebrate our anniversary, we produced an extra big, extra hoppy, extra extreme version of Eh Tu, Bainbridge? Brut IPA. Six years also called for six hop varieties. It’s light, very dry and crisp. Yet beware, its pretty strong and incredibly hoppy. 9.9% ABV.  

Old Toe Jam (2014 - American Barleywine)

Out of the cellar for a brief Winter visit is our big, dark oak barrel-aged American Barleywine called Old Toe Jam. Aged for five years, it has intense boozy, malt, caramel and chocolate flavors with blackberry honey notes. Adjunct: Oregon Blackberry Honey. 9.9% ABV.

ROTATING CRAFT BEER AND CIDER GUEST TAPS – At both brewery locations, we also have a range of other guest craft beers and ciders on tap. Come check out what’s new from our fellow Northwest craft breweries and cideries!  

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