Welcome to the Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse

Welcome to the Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse, our downtown Winslow location! Here’s everything you need to know about our second location.

  • We have a Tavern License at this location, which in the State of Washington means all patrons must be 21 years or older with valid ID. This includes our indoor space AND OUR PATIO. Have minors with you? Check out our Brewery & Taproom location, just two miles inland!
  • We have a variety of local snacks and small plates, found here:

Alehouse Food Menu

Smoked Oyster Tin & Pickle Plate $16 (Taylor Shellfish, Willapa Bay & Olympia Provisions, Portland)
Smoked Salmon Spread & Pickle Plate $14 (Crimson Cove, Poulsbo & Olympia Provisions, Portland)
Smoked Salmon & Crackers $10 (Crimson Cove, Poulsbo)
Smoked Cheese & Crackers $5.50 (Crimson Cove, Poulsbo)
Dijon Pickled Egg $2 (Olympia Provisions, Portland)
Smoked Pistachios $4 (Crimson Cove, Poulsbo)
Smoked Cashews $4 (Crimson Cove, Poulsbo)
Smoked Spiced Mixed Nuts $4.75 (Crimson Cove, Poulsbo)
Seacharones Kelp Puffs $6 (Blue Dot Kitchen, Bainbridge)
Bainbridge Vegan Jerky $9.50 (Bainbridge Island)
Chocolate & Beer Truffles $13.50 (Powell & Jones Craft Chocolate, Bainbridge Island)
Tim’s Cascade Chips  $2 | Mini Pretzels  $2 | CB’s Jumbo Peanuts  $2

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