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Russell Everett, Head Brewer and Co-founder of Bainbridge Island Brewing here.  I figured you might want to know a little more about me, and my philosophy on brewing.  I was raised on the island, graduated from Bainbridge High, and am partnering up with my father to open the brewery.  I've been a homebrewer for almost a decade and have brewed professionally.  In fact, while working in a brewpub a few years ago I was faced with the decision of becoming their brewmaster, or follow my acceptance into law school.  I decided to see where law would take me, and found out, perhaps unsurprisingly, that I really enjoyed alcoholic beverage law.  After graduating and passing the Bar, I decided to combine my new talents with my old and open Bainbridge Island Brewing.

I'm often amused when people ask what my favorite beer is, because I really couldn't tell you.  A good beer is about so many things, but suffice it to say, I like when a beer is done well.  Free of faults, well balanced, served right, and just what you're looking for.  Or perhaps it's something new.  Something exciting.  Something different.  Not to mention, every beer, especially one you don't care for, has something to teach you.

So my brewing philosophy is make it well, but don't be afraid to experiment.  As an award-winning homebrewer, I've enjoyed using new ingredients, trying out new methods, and new combinations of flavors.  So while we work on perfecting classic styles, I also want to brew interesting seasonals and one-offs; things that really expand what beer can be.

Russell Everett
Head Brewer / Co-Founder
Bainbridge Island Brewing

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