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10 bbl Brewhouse
1 bbl = 31 gallons US
which is 20 half bbl kegs
...or 620 half-gallon growlers
...or 2480 pints in a single
10bbl "brew length".

Custom Design & Fabrication
by Metalcraft Fabrication

723 N. Tillamook Street
Portland, OR 97227

a northwest
showcase brewery

Made in the USA
Our brewhouse is a 10 bbl direct-fired system, capable of producing 310 gallons of unfermented beer or wort in a go. It was designed and fabricated for us by Metalcraft Fabrication in Portland, OR. There are many suppliers out there these days making brewing equipment, and many importing foreign-fabricated equipment. It was important to us that our system not only perform well and look amazing, but be fabricated nearby, in the U.S., by well-paid, skilled craftsmen. Just looking at the brewhouse you can see the difference the more costly local, skilled fabrication made! We think it was well worth it.

We were also able to design several nice quirks into the system. Our mash tun sits above a double-sized 20 bbl hot liquor tank (our hot water supply), which allows us to double-batch without any trouble. The increased height of the brewhouse works well with our high ceilings and limited floorspace. Also, we're situated in the "Hoptopia" that is the Pacific Northwest. So from the get-go we designed our brewhouse to allow us to hop the heck out of things, should we choose to. The more ways you can add hops, the more complex and fantastic your IPAs will be. So our brewhouse features an integrated hopback, which allows us to add a last blast of hop aroma and flavor on the way to the fermenters, and all our fermenters are fitted with 4" dry-hopping ports, which allow us to easily add even more hops during fermentation.

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