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Kommuter Kolsch
THE BEER: Kolsch is a light, malty German ale, brewed like a  lager for maximum clarity and a bright, clean, refreshing taste.  Malt: German Pilsner, Vienna, Carahell, and Saurermalz. Hops: Sterling.

THE STORY: A spectre is haunting Bainbridge Island, the spectre of Kolsch! Thousands of people each day ride the ferry to and from Seattle. Kommuter Kolsch is our gift to those grim, huddled masses, straining under the yoke of 35 minutes spent drinking coffee, checking their email, chatting with associates, and enjoying the view. Victory to the Ferry-tariat!

Eagle Harbor IPA
THE BEER: Eagle Harbor is our interpretation of a classic Northwest IPA. Recently the 'More is More!' camp have moved this noble style ever in the direction of increased alcohol and bitterness, flashy new hop varieties, and a tendency towards one-upsmanship. We've taken a step back, thought about what makes a great every-day IPA, and returned to our beloved NW IPA's roots. Hops include classic varieties, including Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, Amarillo, and Apollo. Malt: NW Pale, Light Crystal, Wheat, and Special Aromatic. Dryhopped and ran through several pounds of whole leaf Cascade in our hopback, Eagle Harbor presents a firm hop aroma, supported by enough malt character to keep you coming back for more.

THE STORY: As the story goes, India Pale Ale was a big, hoppy beer designed to survive passage in a ship's hold all the way to India. Eagle Harbor is the bay that Downtown Winslow adjoins and the location of the ferry terminal. Interestingly, Winslow was not the main settlement on the island for much of its history. Searching for a new harbor to build ever larger ships, in 1903 the Hall Brothers Shipyard relocated from Port Blakely to Eagle Harbor. The tiny settlement of Madrone was then renamed Winslow, after the deceased Winslow Hall. Eagle Harbor IPA is named for that fading dream of enormous five-masted schooners, sailing to distant shores.

Bainbridge Single Hop Pale Ale
THE BEER: Variety is the spice of life! That's why over the course of a year, we are releasing versions of our Bainbridge Single Hop Pale Ale specifically designed to highlight the different aromas and flavors of some exciting new hop varieties. Every two months or so, the hop used will change and you’ll be able to experience each new hop variety without any preconception or prejudice. Let us know what you think of each! Malt: NW Pale, Maris Otter, Crystal 60, Dextrine, and Sour. Hops: Varies.

THE STORY: In 1841, Bainbridge Island was named by the Wilkes Expedition in honor of Commodore William Bainbridge (1774 – 1833), famous captain of the 44 gun frigate USS Constitution in the War of 1812. Our pale ale is, in turn, named in honor of both the heroic Commodore Bainbridge, and our home, Bainbridge Island.

Arrow Point Amber
THE BEER: Arrow Point Amber is a year-round German-style Amber Ale / Altbier that is darker and maltier than our Kölsch Ale and has a strong malt-forward character accented with Noble hop flavor and aroma. Malt: Pilsner, Munich, Dark Munich, Acid, Caramunich and Blackprinz. Hops: Sterling and Crystal.

THE STORY: This beer is named after Arrow Point, a unique arrow point-shaped area along the NW shoreline of the island that included one of the many Mosquito Fleet stops to/from Seattle. Arrow Point also got its name from the many Native American artifacts found on the point.

Battle Point Stout
THE BEER: A big, bold, dark, American Stout. Battle Point maintains a complex roastiness, with hints of caramel and chocolate, without being overly burnt or bitter. Smooth as silk and dark as night. Malts: ESB, Flaked Oats, Crystal 60, Chocolate, Black, Black Barley, and just a hint of Extra Special Malt. Hops are Nugget, Apollo and Willamette.

THE STORY: Located on the West side of the Island, Battle Point was supposedly named for a battle between a raiding northern tribe and the local Suquamish, in which Chief Kitsap and his men were victorious. During World War II, a radio post was established there as part of a network for intercepting and decoding Japanese radio transmissions. Now it's a park, and when I was a kid we used to shoot off model rockets there. Battle Point Stout is named after this historical corner of the island.


2017 Craft Beer Calendar (PDF)

Fortunately here in the NW we’ve got access to fantastic beer ingredients. We’re intending to source our barley malt from Northwest maltsters. And three quarters of the US hop crop is grown just over the mountains in Yakima. So we’re trying to cut down on our food miles as much as possible and keep to local ingredients.

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